Pigeon Key

-Sharks: 0

-Groupers: 0

-Lobsters: 6-20, looking for 45 minutes, found on rocky/shallow hard bottom habitats, species was spiny lobster, it was hiding because it’s nocturnal, and was in 3 ft. water

-Snappers: 1-5, looking for 45 minutes, found in rocky bottom, species was grey/mangrove snapper, the fish were swimming in around 5 ft. of water

-Lion Fish: 0

-No surface pressures, no evidence of fishing, no evidence of the illegal trade in endangered species

-Evidence of Coastal Development: Pigeon Key was in sight, snorkeling took place around 100 years away at most

-Boat Activity: there was a ferry boat coming in

-Subsurface Pressures: there was a glass bottle