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Pigeon Key

Shore- Salt water
Recreational Dive
45 minutes
Max Depth- 8ft, Visibility- 8ft
Temperature: water- 77, air-81, sunny
strong current

0 sharks
0 groupers
6-20 lobsters (hiding under rocks @3ft, shallow hard bottom, spiny)
6-20 snappers (rocky bottom under dock @5ft, gray and mangrove)
0 lion fish

no surface pressures
boat activity
subsurface pressures (glass bottle, tire)
no evidence of fishing
evidence of coastal development

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Sombrero Reef, Florida Keys

4/08/2016 9:30am-11:00am
Sharks: 2 (Coral reef, nurse sharks, sleeping/swimming)
Groupers: 1-5 (Coral reef, black grouper, swimming, 10-30ft depth)
Lobsters: 0
Snappers: 51-250 (Yellow tail, Grey, Schoolmaster, swimming)
Red Lion Fish: 0
Surface pressures: No
Boat Activity: yes
Subsurface pressures: no
Evidence of fishing: no
Evidence of coastal development: yes (5 miles away)
Evidence of the illegal trade of endangered species: No

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Marsa Shagra, Marsa Alam, Egypt

marsa shagra turtle

Morning Dive, Sunny and calm, sight wind from the north. Entry 10:06am. Seagrass in good condition and from grass finned to reef wall. Coral in good condition. Glimpsed Dugong but in distance – amazing. No sharks, no turtles, no spiny sea urchins. Nice blue spotted ray.

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Waterlogged, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Orangutang crab

Fish: Blue and Yellow Fusilier, Ribbon Sweetlips, Spot Lionfish, Common Lionfish, Papuan Scorpionfish, Goldstriped Sweetlips, Denise Pigmy Seahorse, Glassfish, Minute Filefish, Network Pipefish, Black Ribbon Eel

Nudi: Solarpower Nudi, Tambja Morosa, Chromodoris annae

Crustaceans: Tozeuma Shrimp, Orangutan Crabs, Bubblecoral Shrimp

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Teardrop, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Chromodoris sea slug

Fish: Yellowtail Fusiliers, Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, Bigeye Trevallies, Ribbon Sweetlips, Slender Silversides

Nudi: Tambja gabriela, Chromodoris willani, Chromodoris annae, Flabellina rubrolineata, Tambja morosa , Chromodoris colemani, Chromodoris lochi

Crustaceans: Orang-utan Crab,

Other: Margarita Egg Cowrie

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White Arrow, North Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Batavia Spadefish

Fish: Humpback Snappers, Monogram Monocle Bream, Minute & Whitebar Filefish, Batavia Spadefish, Yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, Broadclub Cuttlefish, Filamented Flasher, Blueside Wrasse,Bumphead parrotfish.

Nudi: Nembrotha rutilans, Tambja morose, Phyllidia ocellata, Phyllodesmium longicirrum (Solar-powered Nudibranch)

Crustaceans: Smashing Mantis Shrimps, Banded Boxer Shrimps, Holthuis’ Anemone  Shrimp, Clear Cleaner Shrimps, Orangutan Crabs,

Other: Pseudoceros bifurcus (Flatworm), Common Eggs Cowries,

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Shadow reef, Raja Amput, Indonesia

The famous shadow reef – a cleaning station for big fish! Dropped onto the reef and immediately saw a Manta. It came in and swooped twice to pick its spot but too many divers chased it off.

I really wish people would be considerate – not of other divers but of the magnificent animal’s habit. It went away. Finned along reef left shoulder. Lovely hard and soft corals. Huge shoal of fusileers and top of the reef. Counted 3 large groupers over 30 mins at between 10 and 20m. Nice white tip reef shark under table coral.

Really nice dive!

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Turkey Beach, Wakatobi, Indonesia

Finned right shoulder along a sloping wall down to 30m. Nice green turtle, chinta nudibranch, jawfish, crocodile fish, banded sea crate, black/yellow flatworm, 2 cuttlefish (male and female (laying eggs). the female can lay up to 400 eggs every 5 mins – phew! This was a brilliant dive and I thoroughly recommend Wakatobi!

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White Arrow, Raja Amput, Indonesia

Rolled off chase boat tender from MV WAOW onto a coral encrusted shelf by a vertical wall. Gradual slope to a 30m bottom. Nice mantis shrimps, 2 octopi, chrinoids, orangutang crabs (x2), pygmy seahorse on seafan. Big bumphead parrotfish, yellow/green moray, 2 shrimp gobies and a baby lobster. Dolphins on entry but not in water.

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Bodohora Express, Medufushi, Maldives

Dropped off dhoni onto a submerged reef. Dived left shoulder down a gradula slope to 20m. Really nice Redtooth triggerfish and a big Napoloeon wrasse. Counted 12 groupers over the 60 min dive. Big schools of snappers, oriental sweetlips, 1 whitetip shark and then 2 mantas joined us on our safety stop. Amazing dive!

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