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Mandela’s Wall, Tanzania

Negative entry down to the wall at around 25m finned right shoulder along the wall. Pretty corals, sea fans and barrel sponges. Pair of giant trevally swam past, single batfish. Varied reef fishes, including black and white snappers, lots of unicorn fish, anemone fish, parritdish, groupers and file fish. Beautiful juvenile emperor fish atop the wall. Large school of jacks, annd Bob pointed out some Spanish Dancer egg roses.

10l alu cylinder

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Bida Nai, Thailand

Pretty dive with lovely orange sea fans. Dramatic topography with swimthroughs. Swimming leopard shark, yellow-margined moray in barrel sponge, 2 baby nurse sharks under table coral, yellow sea horse on fan, swimming dark/white long-spined lionfish, small grey moray, big trumpetfish, lots of blue pufferfish, butterfly fish (orange/cream with spot), big potato grouper, oriental sweetlips.

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The Ridge (SW tip), Ko Bon, Thailand

Great view of Manta Ray circling at about 10m on descent, with two more sightings later. Strong current between the limestone rocks. Also saw Spotfin Anglerfish, Moray, Ovula Ovum Cowrie, Chromodoris Fidelis nudibranch with 2 Purple Dragons.

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Madivaru Corner, Maldives

Straight down to 22m to look over edge of outer reef. Less current than previous dives here, but still significant with some vertical. Sighted a couple of white tips, but other divers over the reef edge seemed to send them away. Saw some jacks. Waited a few moments to see if the white tips would come back, then dropped over reef edge and drifted right shoulder. Large overhang at 30m. Big tuna. Large turtle swam close underneath me. Strong current as we were swept around the edge of the reef and lost sight of Bob for a few moments. Ended the dive drifting over dead coral with not much fish life.

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Angel’s Window, Indonesia

Beautiful coral site with many diverse fish species. Lots of butterfly fish around Sergeant Major eggs, ghost pipefish, harlequin crab, pair of white pipefish, yellow frogfish. Underwater pinnacle with swimthrough.

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