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old club reef, Qatar

unable to access coral growth area-viz very bad. Saw cormaran (type of duck) at 12 meters. Duck dove with us for extended period of time (20 mins) we assume thinking we would lead it to fish. Underwater did not mind physical contact. Swam between our legs etc. eating fish off man made reef. 1st time this has ever happened!!!!

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Palm Beach, Fla, United States of America

Beautiful Green Turtle


Fr. Angels

Sgt Major

Blue/Yellow Wrasse

Stoplight and Midnight Parrots


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New Club Reef, Qatar

UW Photography

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AL Munassir, Oman

86m Military Troopship.

Sunk apx. 6 months prior

Little growth

MUCH marine life. Large Parrots, Grouper, Trevally, Honeycomb Moray, Lionfish, etc.-MUCH LIFE

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Muscat Oman, Oman

turtle and shallow reef in close to shore (bad surface waves)

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