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Rincon de la Fragate, Spain

lovely and clear. lots of coral, sponges, fish, and some sandy patches. fun for having a bit of a play!

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Cala Monjo, Spain

in a rocky cove

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Santa Crusa, Guatemala

Altitude dive – 1562m in a volcanic Culdera. lots of fish, snails crabs. wierd rock formations and hot mud you could stick your hand in due to the underwater volcanic activity! Amazing!

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North-East Coast, Honduras

dived a wall down to an overhang and caves, lots of squirrel fish good fun exploring. came up above the wall and saw turtles and had a little remora with us for most of the dive, on my tank! v-cute!

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Bonefish, Honduras

Amazing, swam with a pod of over 100 dolphins! the pod swam right through our group, they were all clicking, it was umbelievable! Then saw atlantic spadefish, groupers, bluetang, Grunts, Snappers, etc.. what a wicked dive.

Completed 67 dives while on the island but had log book stolen. this was one of the dives i best remembered, dont think i could ever forget it!

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