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Coral Gardens, Australia

Corals, anemones, clown fish, 3 x nudibranchs, turtle under rock. Nice dive

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Flinders # 4, Australia

Navigational Training

– square

– triangle

– straight line and reciprocal

Pleasure afterwards- big nudibranch and big cod.

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Artificial Reef, Australia

Steady dive exploring the dredger and small planes. One sea snake that followed Ben around. Also, whales had been spotted in the morning but none on our trip. Not as much to see as yesterday. BUT, big bat fish, large schools fo fish with plenty of big grouper.

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Alcatraz (The Rock), Australia

Beautiful coral bommie. Excellent range of soft corals with some small reef fish life. No as much interesting fish life but nice dive all the same.

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Artficial Reef, Australia

Wonderful first dive. Exploring the top of the trawler when the most enormous grouper glided underneath me. Pointed it out to Ben. Amazing how big that fish was. Also, under the plane wig was a big school of massive bat fish. Also, swam with a loggerhead turtle. Amazing creature. Rubbed his back and limbs. Great experience. Great fish life, cod etc. Great to dive on the artificial reef as well.

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Artificial Reed, Australia

First sighting of sea snake on this dive. Quite inquistive creature that came within a foot of me… guided it away from me with my fins. Explored a plane and the dredger that had been sunk. Very small moray black and white eel. Plenty of big fish life, cod and bat fish.

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Hoffmans Rocks (Nudibranch Park), Australia

Excellent assortment of corals so close to the shore. Entry and exit off rocks. Exit was interesting with John swept onto the rocks- tearing his gloves. Plenty of soft corals and hard corals. Beautiful eagle ray and a large sea snake. No nudibranchs or wobbigongs as promised. Still a great shore dive. Would recommend!

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