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Doctor’s Cove , United States of America

Vis was not great for Catalina and this time of year due to surge. Marine life of note included paralsbray clathratus- kelp bass; sea cucumbers were in abundance; Amphistichus Koelzi (Calico Surfperch); Semicossyphus pulcher ( California Sheephead (male)

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Doctor’s Cove, United States of America

Abundance of sea cucumber, more than AI have ever seen at Catalina. Two California Sheephead; kelp bass; Garibaldi (4)

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Little Geiger, United States of America

Sandy bottom dive. C-O sole spotted along with another difficult to identify sole. Also spotted one bat ray. At the north end of the dive spot, found one Spiney Lobster. Lobster was tucked away in the rock wall at @ 32feet.

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