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Sparks Rock, Thailand

2 swim through canyons, 3 small white tip reef sharks and black tips x 2. Also swimming moray eel and giant trevally

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Richilieu Rock, Thailand

potato grouper, sea snakes, 4 cuttlefish, lion fish, chevron barracuda

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Koh Tachai, Thailand

2.5m leopard shark, crown of thorns, morays & peacock grouper

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Koh Bon, Thailand

Great dive – saw 3 whales ( Brydes whales i think) when surfacing. Unbelievable. Also hawksbill, red toothed trigger, mantis shrimp – Similan is amazing

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Torinla South, Thailand

Very calm & clear skies and sea. Spiny lobster, giant moray eel, yellow belly fusiliers, angel fish, long fin bannerfish,emporers, blue triggers

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Turtle Ledge, Thailand

Lionfish, 2 hawksbill turtles, box fish, gianyt puffer, big eye snapper

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The Channel, Thailand

great region this – hawksbill turtle, mantis shrimp, moray eels, porcupine fish, blue puffer, kuhls sting ray

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Aow Mai Ngam, Thailand

sea cucumbers

red crabs

jelly fish

and not much else

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Hin Rang Yai, Thailand

traininhg dive

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3 fingers reef, Thailand

Naturlist dive;

Puffer fish

Several blue spotted rays

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