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Proposed Fish Sanctuary, Philippines

51% live coral cover

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Mambajao, Philippines

dominated by soft corals, massive and encrusting porites..

lots of feather stars

caranx, fusilier, wrasses, pomacentrids – were notable fish species

some areas have patchy corals but dead corals were only 10%-15%’

wide area = sandy.

reef flat.

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Proposed Fish Sanctuary, Philippines

wide branching corals and firecorals in the slope and drop-off

beautiful crinoids

abundant fishes…

lots of angels and butterfly fishes, and fusiliers

sandy substrate.

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Dalipuga, Philippines

northward .. good live coral cover. wide table, encrusting and massive corals

going south .. poor coral cover.

abrupt steep slope.. 20- 50m from the shore. coral species in the lower reef zone mostly firecorals of different species and massive corals.

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Cabuan, Philippines

rocky – sandy substrate

fringing reef gradually sloping to a steep slope.

upper reef zone: branching corals mostly Acropora and Porites. Soft corals of genus Lobophytum, Sarcophyton, Nephthea and Cladiella.

lower reef zone: Massive Porites and bed of soft corals.

Fish Species: dominated by parrotfishes, goatfishes and monocle breams.

Butterflyfishes: C.baronesa, C. ornatissimus

Angelfishes: C. vroliki and C. tibicen

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Benoni, Philippines

sandy substrate, mostly live branching Acropora species, there was a wide A. palmata. lots of massive Porites and encrusting corals too.

gradual slope terminating into a drop-off

some corals were over turned, this was due to abalone harvesting..

home of diverse fish species (i identified 55 species in all)

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Proposed Fish sanctuary, Philippines

steep drop-off.

very poor condition due to dynamite fishing

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Proposed Fish Sanctuary site, Philippines

drop off… a wall 100m from the shore.

abundant big colorful fishes ex. lionfishes, parrotfishes, siganids, stonefishes, snappers, sweetlips..etc

mostly branching Acropora and sub massive corals.

dive was aborted after reaching 50ft due to a very strong current.

the site is sometimes used as an alterna tive navigational path.

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Loculan Shoal, Philippines

located 2+km frm the shore…during low low tide part of the shoal become exposed.

people go there to have picnic on their boats and swim.

sandy substrate.

wide seagrass bed area.

coral area: mosly Acropora branching corals…


corals were damaged by boat anchors, mooring and blast fishing

reef flat: Tubinaria and sargassum bed (brown algae)

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Buruun Shoal, Philippines

my first underwater dive ever! it was wonderful… i for the first time a yellow trumpet fish! the site has awesome whip corals, feather stars and colorful corals especially on the drop-off.

reef flat has damaged and dead corals and rubbles.

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