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Common dolphin populations at risk

While consumers look out for the Dolphin Safe mark on seafood purchases, a major research stocktake of Australian-New Zealand waters gives new guidelines to managers of dolphin fisheries. The extensive new genomic study of almost 500 common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), spanning multiple spatial areas of more than 1500 sq km from the southern and east coast of Australia to Tasmania and New Zealand, calls for greater collaboration between the two countries’ conservation and fisheries plans. 

Just published in Frontiers in Marine Science, the study of DNA diversity of several dolphin populations in Australia and NZ suggests connectivity between several populations of common dolphins across the Tasman Sea. 

The common dolphins of the Pacific Ocean (eastern Australia and NZ) are highly...

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HMNZS OTAGO monitoring fishing in Southern Ocean

OTAGO Boarding Party

HMNZS OTAGO departed Dunedin yesterday to monitor fishing activities in the Southern Ocean. New Zealand-designated Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) inspectors from the Ministry for Primary Industries will be on board to conduct compliance checks on the Southern Ocean’s legal fishing fleet.

“New Zealand takes its commitment to Southern Ocean conservation seriously. It is vital that, as a CCAMLR member, we play our part in tackling illegal fishing activities,” Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says.

Having conducted patrols in the Southern Ocean for the last three seasons, HMNZS OTAGO has sound operational experience of the extremely challenging weather conditions.

“HMNZS OTAGO deployment is a good example of the way New Zealand Defence Force assets support...

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