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Waterlogged, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Orangutang crab

Fish: Blue and Yellow Fusilier, Ribbon Sweetlips, Spot Lionfish, Common Lionfish, Papuan Scorpionfish, Goldstriped Sweetlips, Denise Pigmy Seahorse, Glassfish, Minute Filefish, Network Pipefish, Black Ribbon Eel

Nudi: Solarpower Nudi, Tambja Morosa, Chromodoris annae

Crustaceans: Tozeuma Shrimp, Orangutan Crabs, Bubblecoral Shrimp

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White Arrow, Raja Amput, Indonesia

Rolled off chase boat tender from MV WAOW onto a coral encrusted shelf by a vertical wall. Gradual slope to a 30m bottom. Nice mantis shrimps, 2 octopi, chrinoids, orangutang crabs (x2), pygmy seahorse on seafan. Big bumphead parrotfish, yellow/green moray, 2 shrimp gobies and a baby lobster. Dolphins on entry but not in water.

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