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White Arrow, North Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Batavia Spadefish

Fish: Humpback Snappers, Monogram Monocle Bream, Minute & Whitebar Filefish, Batavia Spadefish, Yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, Broadclub Cuttlefish, Filamented Flasher, Blueside Wrasse,Bumphead parrotfish.

Nudi: Nembrotha rutilans, Tambja morose, Phyllidia ocellata, Phyllodesmium longicirrum (Solar-powered Nudibranch)

Crustaceans: Smashing Mantis Shrimps, Banded Boxer Shrimps, Holthuis’ Anemone  Shrimp, Clear Cleaner Shrimps, Orangutan Crabs,

Other: Pseudoceros bifurcus (Flatworm), Common Eggs Cowries,

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Yaps Den, Oman

Jumped east of a rock in Kasmai Islands – never been dived before. Lots of discarded nets and new nets. Saw Morays, lionfish and an amazing wall with puple coral growth to the west. A Few turtles around which was good!

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One Thousand Rocks, Oman

Last time in Oman – Great Dive

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Three Sisters, Oman

I did an earthdive science log on this trip and checked for sharks, lobsters, butterfly fish, spiny sea urchins and groupers. Spotted 3 beautiful cuttlefish on the safety stop.

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West Wall, Oman

Sheer Wall then coral gardens. Saw 3 turltles lots of cuttlefish and morays. Lots of reef fish and another diver spotted 3 squid.

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Centre, Oman

Not good viz. Mohammed – our dive leader – rode a turtle again – really must say something!! Lots of reef fish and nice dive – but i was cold brrrrr!

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Mousetrap, Oman

Dived with 4 girls from Dhubai (came up for the day). Followed a wall (right shoulder), lots of reef fish, morays and lionfish. Saw a free swimming moray.

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Little June, Oman

First dive in the Daymaniyat Islands. Lots of cuttlefish, turtles and groupers. 2 amazing huge rays and a nudibranch.

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Bida Noi, Thailand

Superb last dive in Thailand. Dropped onto a leapord shark that swan straight towards me. Loads of lionfish. Saw a nudibranch and a sea worm (white) and a yellow seahorse!! I alsp spotted come porcelain crabs and morays. Brill!

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