Coral Reef in Italy Discovered

When you want to go diving to see those majestic coral reefs, Italy is probably not the first country you’d consider going to. In fact, it might not be one of the countries that’s in your short list. Nobody knew of the coral reef hiding in the great coast of Italy until now.

The reef, identified in a new study published in Scientific Reports, wasn’t found sitting just below the surface of some shallow lagoon where it’s easily noticeable. Instead, it sits below the ocean waves, hidden from the very little light that beams from above.

The coral reefs that have won the hearts of many all over the world are usually from the Caribbean, Australia and everywhere else where this majestic oasis of sea life gets a very good source of sunlight. Corals thrive in the heat that it gets from the sun. What makes the secret coral reef of Italy so important?

It is tucked along the coast of much deeper water. Their location is what made them undiscovered for so long.

“Overall, the reef can be considered one of its kind. It thrives in a place where it gets little to no sunlight at all. It has a unique environment and that’s what makes it even more special,” researchers write. Scientists and researchers will include it in a list of diversified category of the Mediterranean bio-constructions where it is in a list with a wide range of unique coral reef and biodiverse environments too.

The area where this coral reef in Italy thrives has been found with a large amount of suspended organic matter. Scientists say that this may be the coral’s source of nutrients. Species that live in the coral survive because of the abundance of such organic matter.

The reef stretches for two miles along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy. It might not be as majestic or beautiful as the other world-class coral reefs, but it remains to be something that’s worth celebrating. It’s the first in Italy and there might be more like it waiting to be discovered.

Its discovery gives researchers hope that there are a lot more coral reefs out there that are thriving despite the decline in the quality of ocean water due to pollution. What remains to be true, at this point, is that life survives in many unique ways that are worthy of recognition.