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COP26 – Change the World

The 1980s were a time of global consciousness and a willingness of individuals to take responsibility for others. It was a time of global events to raise awareness and funds for people in need.  It started with Live Aid and continued with Sport Aid, Hands Across America, Canada’s Northern Lights and The First Earth Run. It was an incredible time when people removed responsibility from policymakers and took action themselves – individually and collectively. 

The movement started with music – Live Aid, Tears Are Not Enough, We Are the World, Do They Know It’s Christmas?

But I believed people could do more than listen to music and make donations – they could actively engage in the cause.

‘I Ran the World’ is my story about that time – how the world demanded change and delivered ...

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COP26 – Can We Change The World?

World leaders are heading to Glasgow tonight, ahead of their meetings tomorrow for COP26.

Their goal is to keep global warming limited to 1.5C, or at worst 2C, by 2100 but we are currently on track for 2.7C – which the UN says will result in “climate catastrophe”. But already, the climate summit is at serious risk of failure because countries are still not promising enough to restrict global temperature rises to below 1.5C.

In a blunt admission after two days of preliminary talks at the G20 meeting of world leaders, the UK prime minister conceded little progress had been made – and the conference is not on track to achieve a deal that keeps the goal alive. He puts the chances of success as “six out of 10”. But then, can World leaders at #COP26 only promise so much?

I passio...

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