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Two Orcas kill 17 sharks in 1 day

Port and Starboard are the names of two infamous killer whales (orcas) that swim off the coast of South Africa. Their names come from their rare collapsed dorsal fins: Port’s bends to the left and Starboard’s bends to the right. The pair went on a killing spree last week, attacking and killing at least 17 broadnose sevengill sharks in a single day (February 24, 2023). The whales ate only the sharks’ livers and left their bodies to wash up on the beach.

This pair of male killer whales gained notoriety in 2015, when scuba divers found several broadnose sevengill sharks dead. Eventually, researchers fingered killer whales Port and Starboard in the deaths. Then, in 2017 and 2019, great white sharks were washing up on the coast with just their livers eaten out of their bodies...

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Killer whales are dying off in the Pacific Northwest

Female orca leaps from the water

“I believe we have orcas in our soul in this state.” Those were the words of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee earlier this year after forming the Southern Resident Orca Task Force, an initiative meant to keep endangered killer whales alive in the region.

Contributing to their extinction there, per the New York Times, is the fact that they’re starving to death as their main food source, Chinook salmon, disappears.

KOMO reports that, per the latest census numbers, there are just 75 killer whales in the Pacific Northwest—a 30-year low...

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