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Richmond Vale Diving and Hiking Centre

Richmond Vale Diving Centre

The Richmond Vale Hiking and Nature Center is located near many nature walks, waterfalls and the beach. The Center is situated on the North Leeward Coast of mainland St.Vincent in an area that, during the English colonial times, was an estate. It was used for various export crops such as sugar, copra (coconut oil), banana and arrowroot. The Center consists of a total of 4000 sq.m. (43,000 sq. feet) of buildings and is situated on a hill above the Wallibou River, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

We have 8 rooms available for guests. The rooms are simple and clean with no extras.

The recently upgraded rooms have private bathrooms.(From December 2015)

We have a small kitchen, that if you want to cook for your self, is ready for you for free.

At the complex we have several verandas, fitness ce...

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