Joe’s Tug, Key West, United States of America

First Dive with Aladin Pro computer. Buddied with two Americans. Joe’s Tug – A harbor tug that sank pier-side in Key West Harbor in 1986. It was raised and prepared for sinking as an artificial reef off Miami. The night before it was scheduled to be taken north, local divers surreptitiously towed the tug out of the harbor; it sank in 65 feet of water before reaching its intended resting place. Originally a classic-looking wreck, Joe’s Tug was subsequent to this dive, severely damaged by hurricanes in 1998 and 1999. A large moray eel makes its home under the bow and many large fish frequent the wreck. Jeff was breathless on the surface, using a lot of air before going down the shot line. Dennis at 600lb early into the dive, so quite short. Classic upright wrecck with swim arounds and entry to the bridge.