Wangi Sea Mount, Indonesia

Down from Pelagian’s tender to top of mount approx 8m. Lots of schooling reef fish, including jacks, red tooth triggers and a few tuna with the odd chevron barracuda.

Over sloping wall and superb spot by Sissi of rare yellow pygmy sea horse on sea fan, as well as a mantis shrimp peering out of its hole, ready to do battle.

Pair of small coral crabs on anemone, with large Napoleon wrasse in the blue.

Lovely allied cowrie (Hiata depressa ovulidae) on yellow sea fan, and commensal shrimp on whip coral. Small is beautiful!.

Back to top of mount for safety stop, where a large scorpion fish was superbly camouflaged in the coral. Pristine hard and soft corals and fans.

Superb dive with the earthdive crew – it doesn’t get any better than this!