The Corner to Fundu Patchu, Tanzania

Dropped on to wall at around 20m, finned left shoulder in medium current. Best display of hard and soft corals seen so far in Pemba. School of silver trevalley and large dark snappers (?) in the blue.

Large spotted grouper, and sightings of two separate green turtles, one larger than the other. Came across a large coral ‘graveyadr, a mound of dead coral pieces swept up and deposited by the currents. An ideal spot to see turtles feeding on thecoral and they are regularly spotted (and sadly sometimes illegally hunted) here. Single large batfish with cleaner wrasse coming across the top of the reef.

Large sandy bottomed ‘valley’ on the top of the reef around 12m, and saw some lionfish, banded shrimp, mantis shrimp, racoon butterflyfish an tiny juvenile dorys in the anemones. A beautiful dive!