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Climate change alters tiger shark migration routes

The new study, published on 13 January 2022 in the journal Global Change Biologyand conducted by scientists at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, revealed that rising ocean temperatures due to climate change have significantly changed the locations and timings of tiger shark migration patterns in the western North Atlantic Ocean. 

Tiger sharks prefer tropical and warm to temperate seas and have historically not been found in the waters off the northeastern coastline of the USA. However, warming ocean temperatures now also make these previously unattractive habitats suitable for the cold-blooded predator. 

Neil Hammerschlag, director of the UM Shark Research and Conservation Program and lead author of the study, explained: “Tiger shark annual...

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Tiger Shark attacks in Cocos Islands

Tiger Shark

An American tourist was fatally mauled by a tiger shark while scuba diving on an island off the coast of Costa Rica, local authorities said Friday.

The woman, identified by her friends as 49 year-old Rohina Bhandari, a director at a New York City private equity firm, died after an early morning attack Thursday on Cocos Island National Park, more than 340 miles off the Costa Rican coast. Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy identified her in a news release only by her last name.

Bhandari was ascending to the surface at the Manuelita dive site when her 26-year-old diving guide noticed the shark, which he described as a female tiger shark. The guide, identified only by his last name Jiménez, tried to scare the shark off, but it was too late...

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Three more sharks – two undersize – hooked on SW drum lines

Caught tiger shark

DRUM lines hooked three more sharks – two of them undersize – off Dunsborough today as the WA Government’s catch-and-kill program continued. This morning, the fisherman contracted to monitor the baited hooks in the South-West pulled up a dead 2m tiger shark. Then he hauled up a 3m shark, shot it dead and towed it out to sea to dispose of the carcass. Finally, another 2m tiger shark was caught – this one still alive.

However, members of conservation group the Animal Rescue Team, who looked on from their vessel, said it took about 20 minutes for the animal to be released.

“It didn’t look good. By the time it was released it looked like it sunk to the bottom,” Animal Rescue Team spokeswoman Amy-Lea Wilkins said.

“We were a bit shocked actually...

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