Divers Club Marathon Bay

Divers underwater

The Divers Club-Marathon Bay is a modern diving school, ready to develop all underwater activities. Experience has taught us, that the comfort of candidate divers, is the most important factor. Having the important advantage of minimum distance from the sea and a short distance from the city centre, diving with our Center is really easy and comfortable.

Our school has as its mission the promotion of all diving programs through safe education of any kind of underwater activity. Having at our disposal, empeiroys instructors, combined with the modern equipment, the complainant really enjoys every contact with the liquid element.

Come to dive in Historic Marathon Gulf . Come to live the beauty of one of the istorikoteres areas of our planet!

To DIVERS CLUB-MARATHON BAY school is autonomous and free diving and first aid kit, active since 1988 in the area of n. Euboean Gulf.

The base of our theoretical lessons, is at n.Makri,-marathonos AV. 417. Our practical lessons as well as all maritime activities done in carefully selected points of the Southern Gulf Eyboikoy. The strains of DIVERSCLUB-MARATHON BAY is divers who know with certainty the sports of diving, are trained lifeguards and working with eco-conscious.

The DIVERS CLUB-MARATHON BAY represents the most important educational institutions in the world: PADI diving, ANDI. Our faculty is secured to the largest insurance agency divers DAN (Divers Alert Network).